Law work- support for workers

Employees are often unaware of their rights or do not know how to cope when suddenly been laid off from work, do not receive remuneration or compensation due. The role of the law firm operating in the Green Mountains or another Polish city is to provide them with support in all cases provided for by the labor law.

Most employees are offered assistance in matters such as, among others:

  • mobbing,
  • reinstatement,
  • compensation for an accident at work,
  • erroneously issued certificate of work,
  • payment of salary arrears,
  • payment of sickness benefits,
  • compensation for the termination of employment without notice,
  • set aside imposed on the employee’s offense penalties for law enforcement,
  • appeal against the decision of the Social Insurance.

In addition, employees can count on law firm in the field of legal advice on labor law and the preparation of appropriate legal opinions.

The right of employers to support work

Attorney also assists employers in labor law, ranging from professional advice. Not only ensures the proper conclusion of agreements or solving. For its part, may also offer .:

  • creating and reviewing regulations of work, wages, statutes, annexes and other documents that are necessary for the employer’s business,
  • analysis of legal issues related to employees,
  • preparation and evaluation of non-competition agreements,
  • assistance in the negotiation and preparation of contracts of employment and civil law contracts, under which employs the officers of the companies, managers (contract)
  • advice on the conclusion, modification or termination of employment contracts,
  • advice on collective redundancies.

Both employees and employers may be represented at any stage of the proceedings before the courts and other institutions.