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Paul Polanski is a member of the Bar Association in Zielona Gora. Also located here is his law firm. Acting on the market of professional legal services lawyer has the knowledge, experience and practical skills sufficient to complex, comprehensive and reliable legal services. The law firm does in relation to both the entrepreneurs, consumers – individuals not engaged in economic activity, as well as entities of public law (public administration and other organizational units performing public authority). Support lawyer is useful in many areas of law. Polanski lawyer Paul specializes, among others, in criminal law, family and civil law. A good lawyer or you can hire for the labor law, administrative or economic.

Performing the legal profession, he represents the legally protected interests of their clients in the Republic of Polish, with particular emphasis Lubuskie province and the city which is to Zielona Gora. The law firm also works with lawyers working in the area of ​​the Federal Republic of Germany.

Paul Polanski lawyer makes every possible effort to ensure legal aid was provided to customers at the highest possible level, thus satisfying the most optimal way their needs and protecting their interests against possible detriment. Due to the pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction, the decision to grant legal assistance of a lawyer is preceded by a very detailed and thorough analysis of the substantive legal issue presented and the reliable compilation and calculation of costs of future legal assistance. A good attorney can handle any legal challenge and will try to find the best solution for the customer. As an attorney, Paul Polanski can deal with complex subject – from legal advice, preparation of the strategy, to the representation of a client in court.

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Get comprehensive legal service, honestly prepared legal assistance in matters of criminal law, civil and commercial, real estate, compensation and refund, inheritance law, the conduct of commercial companies

Law Firm Scope of services:

The compensation decline, the abolition of joint ownership, changes in the land register, debt collection – a wide range of issues with which every day touches many of us. Lawyer provides advice and representation before the various bodies and institutions.

Lawyer undertakes to defend people accused, as well as representing the interests of victims. With its help, you can use both in the field of legal advice, preparation of pleadings, at the moment of arrest or detention, and at the hearing in the courtroom.

Conducting business requires knowledge of many laws. Legal services for corporate clients in business law is one of the specialization of the law firm Paul Polanski, who as a lawyer helps, among others, in creating and giving opinions on documents necessary for doing business.

Offices, administrative authorities and the courts – are entities against whom the lawyer represents the client in proceedings of an administrative nature. Depending on the case, including preparing legal opinions, requests, applications, appeals the decision.

Divorce, separation, alimony, parental determination, division of property – are examples of the case, which may take up office in the area of family law. Specializing in the divorce lawyer will analyze each problem and propose the optimum solution.

Protection of inventions, trademarks, violation of the secrecy of correspondence and image are examples of issues that fall under intellectual property law. The task of a lawyer is maximum protection of clients’ interests in various fields of their activity.

Lawyer is a person who supports his knowledge and experience of both workers and employers in a variety of problems. In an area such as labor law gives advice, prepares various documents and represent the client during proceedings.

Respecting constitutional law and European require them to know. The law firm run by Paul Polanski offers its support in this regard, private clients and engaged in business activities in the European Union.