Intellectual property law - safeguarding the interests of customers

Some intangible assets and industrial property, such as patents and trademarks are the intellectual property differently. Copyrights and personal rights related a few of the areas that are associated with these cases. The law firm led by lawyer Paul Polanski in Zielona Gora offers his help in counseling and representation of clients in a variety of ways. The range of services includes, among others:

  • ongoing advice on intellectual property rights,
  • examination of registrability of trademarks, industrial designs and utility, etc. inventions.

Lawyer will also matters that are related to:

  • personal data protection,
  • protection of privacy,
  • protection of personal choice – that is, issues relating to the personality, the secret correspondence, reputation,
  • secret sources of information,
  • claims arising from the provisions of the law on the eradication of unfair competition.

Conducting, negotiation and mediation

In addition, the law firm of the Green Mountains, you can entrust the conduct:

  • any registration proceedings or dispute – before the patent offices in the country and abroad,
  • litigation and judicial and administrative matters relating to intellectual property rights,
  • negotiation and mediation in disputes involving intellectual property.

In the field of intellectual property law firm serves clients from the Green Mountains and other cities in Poland. It has a leading lawyer in this respect a lot of experience and appropriate knowledge. The good customer service is a priority for him. Intellectual property is a field in which at times there are new guidelines and settlement. Lawyer keeps them up to date, to provide customers with the highest quality of our services.