A good attorney from Zielona Gora

Paul Polanski is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and the Faculty of Law at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt an der Oder. In the years 2010 – 2012 he was a trainee lawyer organized by the District Bar Council in Zielona Gora, completed the Bar exam. As part of its activity provides legal assistance in German, also in terms of German law, especially for German-speaking clients, mainly from the Federal Republic of Germany.

His main professional activity is civil law, economic and family. He specializes in general administrative procedure (regulated by the Code of the administrative procedure) and the administrative court. It also has considerable knowledge, skills and practical experience, gained both during the application as advocates and occupation, in criminal matters, including tax offenses, and offenses (substantive law and procedural regulations). In addition to fluent German, he speaks English at a very good level.

Taking into account the special role of the Bar in social life, Attorney Paul Polanski takes part in actions free legal assistance (pro bono) for persons in a difficult financial and family situation, which it shares include in particular days of free Advice Bar Associations and Week assistance to victims of crime. In the area of ​​free legal assistance he has also collaborated with local newspapers operating in the province of Lubuskie, leading duty telephone as well as through direct meetings.

Legal aid is granted by direct consultation in the Office, and with the use of all available electronic means of communication at a distance, giving you the ability to immediately and effectively respond to a variety of legal problems the customer and adapt to the needs arising from the situation in which it is located. The business professional always duly taken into account the individual situation of each person in need of legal assistance, providing legal solution most appropriate to the situation.

Legal services are provided both in the form of one-time execution of orders and permanent legal service, making the type, form, timing and scope of assistance from the needs and expectations of each client, according to the nature, type and purpose of a specific case. Before taking this decision need only complete and clear presentation by the client of fact and law in the case, by presenting relevant evidence, especially documents, and an indication of doubts and questions about the case.

Before the customer is informed of cooperation in a comprehensive manner and understand its principles, described on this page.

Provided legal assistance is exercised in full respect of the principles of the legal profession, lawyers ‘ethics and dignity of the profession, certain provisions of the Act of 26 May 1982. – Law on the Bar, the Body of Principles advocates’ ethics and dignity of the profession adopted by the Supreme Bar Council on 10.10.1998 r. (resolution # 2 / XVIII / 98) as the other commonly applicable law.