Business Law - Legal assistance for companies

Among the customers that every day supports law firm led by lawyer Paul Polanski are companies and companies. Economic law is a very broad field. The self-employed, involving the company or companies can benefit from the knowledge and experience of lawyers who specialize in it. Economic law involves, among others, sorting out certain formalities associated with starting a business. Law firm in particular:

  • advises when choosing a legal form of planned economic activity,
  • offers assistance in establishing partnerships and equity: partnerships, professional partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies or companies limited by shares, as well as civil partnerships,
  • It helps with any changes that are made in the National Court Register,
  • participates in meetings of the companies,
  • prepares, issues opinions on internal documents (resolutions, agreements, regulations, statutes, and other legal acts), which are necessary for the ongoing operations of the companies,
  • It provides assistance at the stage of transformation (change, division) and liquidation of commercial companies.

Comprehensive service at all stages of the proceedings

With an experienced lawyer you can count on ongoing legal advice – including in law or bill of exchange all kinds of activities undertaken by entities conducting economic activity. It also guarantees that clients comprehensive legal services at every stage of the judicial proceedings, as well as before administrative courts and offices and institutions. This includes disputes with contractors for amicable or judicial recovery of debts. At the same time lawyer cares about is to secure the maximum customer receivables in business. In addition, within the framework of matters falling under commercial law, it helps in the preparation of applications for bankruptcy.