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Family and Guardianship Law in the scope of activities carried out by law firm Paul Polanski in Zielona Gora. This is a very delicate area, where there are often difficult emotions and weigh human lives. Lawyer taking up issues such as eg. Divorce, honestly analyze each situation, to present a proposal for an optimal solution to the customer. Legal advice and representation of a client before the court is a part of the services, which Paul Polanski offers its customers.

Including leading law firm case of:

  • separation,
  • divorce,
  • marriage annulment
  • division of joint property,
  • separation of assets,
  • reducing, changing or deprivation of parental authority,
  • alimony – including determine benefits for minor children, increase it or decrease in relation to minor children, the repeal of the maintenance obligation in relation to adult children, child support grant from adult children for their parents, help in obtaining child support from the Alimony Fund,
  • determination or denial of paternity.

Divorces, like other family situations, require a cool look, fit to the specific terms, the preparation of the required documentation. Lawyer is a person who will make sure of this and take care of the interests of the customer, while offering support for him.

Help an experienced lawyer in Zielona Gora

But not only on the issue of divorce, custody or alimony, you can count on help from a lawyer. Firm also undertakes cases concerning the care and adoption of minors. Another issue arising from family law is a matter of incapacitation and the establishment of a guardian for the incapacitated person. In these cases, the lawyer representing the client at every stage of the proceedings carried out.

If you need a divorce lawyer or one that will help you in another case, contact the law firm.