Lawyer and criminal law offenses - Zielona Gora

Criminal law is one of the areas where specialized law firm of Paul Polanski’s Green Mountains. Educated and experienced lawyer in this field can be helpful to both the suspect / accused and the victim in the case. Law Office provides comprehensive services for each client. Help of a lawyer of criminal offenses and in a city like Zielona Gora is guaranteed detainees, in detention, that is already at the pre-trial stage, which runs the police and prosecutor’s office. This applies to both offenses (eg. Road tax), as well as crimes against persons and property. Lawyer advises, among others on agreements.

Firm engaged in the cases:

  • murder,
  • manslaughter,
  • in a fight or assault with effect grievous bodily harm or fatal,
  • defamation, insult,
  • participation in an organized group,
  • persistent harassment,
  • credit fraud,
  • tax offenses,
  • rape,
  • postponement of execution of sentence.

Protection of interests, representation and advice

When you decide to entrust their affairs firm led by lawyer Paul Polanski every customer can count on a comprehensive deal with his case and representation before law enforcement, judicial, tax. Criminal law offenses and gives the right to defend each suspect / accused. Lawyer to take matters both less and more complicated. Honestly analyzes each case and proposes various solutions permitted by law.

In addition to the representation of the accused or the victim, the lawyer of criminal offenses and can entrust the legal analysis applications. Thus, entities conducting economic activity have a chance to avoid violations of the law. In addition, a lawyer prepares an appeal against the judgments of the District Court and the cassation to the Supreme Court.

If this Zielona Gora is a city where you need a proxy or prosecutor, a lawyer Paul Polanski is at your disposal.