Zielona Gora - professional help in constitutional law and European

Both in Poland and throughout the European Union individuals and entities engaged in business activities legal provisions contained in constitutional law and European level. In order not to die in the jungle of the various laws, you should get help from a lawyer who has adequate expertise in both of these areas of law. Lawyer law firm Paul Polanski from Zielona Gora is also help customers in the field of constitutional law and the European. It may involve granting legal advice, analysis of different kinds of writings, preparation and evaluation of documents and act on behalf of the client before the various bodies and institutions in the Polish and European Union. Lawyer helps both private customers and engaged in business activities in the field of free movement of goods, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. It is not always clear where and how the company should invest capital abroad, how to set up the company or its branch in another country, or what privileges gives immigration law. Both in these and other issues you can count on the support of a lawyer.

Requests, complaints, legal opinions

Both the Polish Constitution of the Republic, as well as other documents in force in our country and European legislation provide both a lot of privileges and imposes certain obligations on individuals and entities subject to them. Requests, complaints or legal opinions are documents that prepares a lawyer specializing in constitutional law and European. They can be addressed to different bodies and institutions. Led by Paul Polanski’s lawyer law firm offers clients assistance in the form of:

  • of the Ombudsman,
  • apply to the Commissioner for Children’s Rights,
  • apply to the Commissioner for Patients’ Rights,
  • develop and submit a constitutional complaint to the Constitutional Court,
  • prepare and submit a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights,
  • write and complain to the Court of Justice of the European Union.