Civil law - a wide range of legal services

The law firm of Paul Polanski’s lawyer has extensive experience in matters of civil law. This is an area where there are many problems resolved amicably or through the courts. For civil cases can include, eg. Those that are associated with a claim for payment or debt, debt. According to the civil law you can also claim damages and compensation for traffic accidents, medical malpractice (medical) of travel agents (for failed holiday), for violations of personal rights and so on.

Civil law also includes issues related to real estate. Firm conducts proceedings concerning eg. Eviction determine how to use the property or prescription. Lawyer also helps in topics such as the abolition of joint ownership, its protection and infringement of ownership. Knowledge and experience of a lawyer is also useful when you need to make changes to the land register.

Agreement and matters of a financial nature and inheritance

Civil law also covers matters related to the preparation of contracts and giving opinions and other documents. From office duty it is to take care of the interest of the customer. Therefore, all records associated with the formulation or conducted business worth looking into other lawyer, to minimize the risk of litigation and maximize the protection of the interests of the client. It guarantees reliable analyze each content before any lawsuit office will send a letter or other. It serves also help with negotiations.

Civil law is also all issues related to the division of property, eg. As a result of divorce or inheritance – on the basis of a will or a reserved.

In any case, which concerns civil law – apart from providing legal advice – lawyer also provides representation of the client before various institutions or judicial authorities.